Professional Training Tour

‘Professional Training Tour’ will bring local music teachers, conductors and music undergraduates to Austria, where they will experience how music is taught in the hometown of classical music.

The Tour will be led by Gerald Wirth, Artistic Director of Vienna Boys Choir. The summer campus of VBC will be open to the participants for a series of exchange activities. Through participating in the Choir’s rehearsals and engaging in round-table discussion with local pedagogues, participants will unveil the making of the 500-year-old world famous music institute.


30 Jul, 2016 - 13 Aug, 2016 


Vienna, Pielachtal, Sekirn

Featured Programme:

  • Intensive training programme led by the Artistic Director of VBC, Gerald Wirth
  • Observe rehearsals at VBC Summer Camp
  • Participate in VBC's vocal training
  • Round-table discussion with VBC music staff

Training Content:

  • Strategies to achieve sustainable voice development with a choir
  • Training on effective choir conducting and teaching techniques
  • Training on sight-reading, resonance and sound awareness

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Interested parties please send your completed application form and cheque to:

Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Foundation
603A, 6/F, OfficePlus@Prince Edward, 794-802 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

Applicants who hand in their application after all slots are allocated will be refunded.